Get Bright! Mobile Teeth Whitening -
Am I a good candidate for whitening?
Almost everyone is a good candidate to have their teeth whitened. But there are a few exceptions...
Dental work will not lighten with the hydrogen peroxide gel, only our natural teeth will lighten. If you have veneers, crowns, caps, bridges, bonding or fillings they will not change color with any kind of whitening treatment.
Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or people with allergies to hydrogen peroxide are also not good candidates.
We also ask that our customers be 16 and older to do the whitening treatment.  If you are under 18 we will need your parents signature for our consent form.
How does the Get Bright! Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedure work?

Get Bright! Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System is a ‘self administered’ process that utilizes a hydrogen peroxide based gel, plus blue light LED light technology to whiten our customer’s teeth.
How long do the results last?
The results may last up to a year or longer depending on the customer’s eating, drinking, and oral care habits.  We generally recommend touch-up applications every 4-6 months, in addition to our recommended maintenance program.
Is the procedure effective?

Absolutely!  In fact the average Get Bright! customer experiences several shades of improvement after participating in just three treatment sessions.
How long do the procedures take?

It takes about 45 - 60 minutes.  You just sit back, relax, and let the gel go to work.
Does it work for everyone?

Almost all natural teeth will respond to the bleaching process.  Most customers will realize immediate and measurable results.  However the degree of whiteness will vary from person to person depending on the natural coloring of the teeth.  Some darker stains, such as those caused by antibiotic use are more difficult to whiten and your dentist should be consulted regarding a more aggressive treatment. Dental work such as crowns, caps, veneers, bridges, tooth colored fillings and bonding will not respond to the hydrogen peroxide gel.

Does the process cause sensitivity?
Although uncommon, some customers can experience some tooth sensitivity during the first 24 hours after the whitening treatment. 
What do I have to do immediately after I get whitened?

We recommend that for the first 24 hours after your treatment you avoid coffee, tea, dark colored sodas, red wines, berries, dark sauces, chewing tobacco, and smoking.
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